Saturday, 3 April 2010

Common mime part5 Out and about!

Yess! He eclosed!
In the morning, I could already see the butterfly
through the pupa, and was afraid it would eclose
when I am at Chinese tuition...... And he did!
My father snapped some shots for me.

At that time, he was drying his wings. Cute huh?
He was so still, that my father thought it was a plastic
model at first!
My mother was worried that if she waited till I
came back, it would fly off. So she came to pick me
and my sister up, and rushed us home. By the time
we got back, he was getting ready for maiden flight.

I couldn't get better shots coz he hopped into the air,
failing a few times, but in the end he flew off gracefully.
There is little I can do besides wishing my little friend
a successful future.
P.s.: I did not even see the eclosion. :(


  1. Hi Jon,

    Don't worry... You will have another chance to witness the eclosion process :)

    Uncle Bobby ^o_o^

  2. Great Shots.... I remember when I was P3, I used to collect lime butterfly eggs, grow them till they were butterflies, then realease them.... it brings back old memories... :)

  3. Thanks Shawn and Uncle Bobby.
    I should start with limes as they are easier to find and eclose at predictable times. But it just so happened that I fuond some mimes.

  4. Haha. Don't worry, you'll see it once. When I was breeding them, I got to see the caterpillar changing into a pupa, and the butterfly emerging from the pupa... it was awesome!