Friday, 2 April 2010

Ubin with BC

Yesterday, I was out with my family and the other
Butterflycircle members. I was glad to see them, and
some of these pics would never have been this
good if they did not help. I went to Ubin for the first time,
so it was an exiting day. At butterfly hill, there were
many male blue pansys.

They were skittish, so I was lucky that this one landed
in front of me, and gave me 2 seconds to shoot
before it flew off. We also saw belimbing trees,
with flowers and fruits.

This jacintha eggfly was resting with curled proboscis,
probably full of belimbing nectar.

There were also many orange skippers darting
around, only this one was tame for me to shoot.

This logania marmorata damis was resting on a leaf,
I tried to get parallel to it. It did not move, as it had a
parasite on the head.( red dot )
At the spice garden, this gram blue finally landed
in front of me.

In the forest trail, I spotted this red grasshopper.

We all got our cameras ready when this olive backed
sunbird came to feed its young.

We also watched this common grass yellow for
a good 20 minutes, waiting for it to lay eggs.
Though I did not get any good shots, here is a burr
I do not have any other good records to share,
so let me just put this tame ( male ) lime butterfly
that I found around Changi.

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Special thanks to:
Uncle Simon,
Uncle Chng,
Uncle Bobby,
Uncle Loke

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