Sunday, 11 April 2010

Not so good day @ BTNR

On the 10th of Apr, It was my sister's SCGS
Carnival!( for raising funds ) We went early in
the morning, to see her on shift. So sad it rained,
but only for a while. After like 4hrs of FUN FUN
FUN, my mother and I went to BTNR. The first
butterfly I saw was this Malay viscount, that landed
a little high up.

In the main track, there were a few of these common
fauns flying around. This one landed on the track to

Along the track, there were passion flowers scattered
along the leaf litter. They probably dropped from
their vine, on a tree higher up.
An interesting thing I saw, was two ants biting
something. They refused to let go even when
I shook the leaf. Notice the spines on the ants'
When I walked among the plants, lots of these
small moths flew up from under saplings. Here
is my shot.

Many archdukes zipped around, here is one of
them pudding amongst the leaf litter. This one
is a male.

The 'tell tale' diff between an archduke and a
black tipped archduke is the colour of the
antenna tips. An archduke's antenna tips are

Back at the same spot where I found it earlier,
the Malay viscount came lower for a better shot.
At Hindhede np, I found this beetle on some
flower buds.
Singing away, this shrike was sitting on a branch.
My mother spotted it. It was very tame and did
not fly off until we left.

The end, please comment.

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