Sunday, 28 February 2010

AH today

Went to AHBT today, hoping for some common imperial.
The first thing that caught my eye was these two common
rose cats. They were big and fat,and nearing pupation.

I was lucky that this female common birdwing landed
for me, and landed at eye level.
There were many barons flying around, darting from
leaf to leaf. When they landed, they would flap their wings
slowly,which was how I got this underside shot.

In the trail, I chased this tattered centaur oakblue
for half an hour. In my shot, a little of the brilliant
purple upperside is visible.

When I returned after cooling down, this white
crested laughing thrush was good enough to let me
touch the bush he was in.

When I was looking for the oakblue, this plain plushblue
landed on the leaf in front of me.
The last thing that was interesting, was this empty
pupal case of a blue glassy tiger. It is not damaged,
which means the tiger eclosed this morning.

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