Sunday, 14 February 2010

Hort Park

I went to the Hort Park yesterday. Saw quite a few showy
butterflies, but most were very skittish. They were very active
and kept flying as it was a really hot day, and there were few
clouds in the sky. The first one I spotted was a plain tiger,
that it only came to rest after a long time of waiting.

There were many three spot grass yellows and peacock pansys
on the way but they were way too wary for me to photograph.
This leopard lacewing flew onto a flower, and it was rather co-operative.

The common tigers were also present but did not rest and simply
glided nonstop with the wind. My only shot of them was burr. :(
For the rest of the walk, I saw nothing but tigers and the skittish
lemon emigrant, which I tried and tried to get a good shot.
Patience paid off!

. . . . . And feeding on deep purple.

Had to go for 团年饭, so THE END!

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  1. Wow... Really nice shots with excellent clarity! Well done!