Thursday, 25 February 2010

Flashes of red

The time I went to USR, when I saw the eagle, I also saw two
male common red flashes. The first one was at a patch of wildness,
near the water edge. It was just behind a forest, a suitable habitat
for many butts. He was very good, staying still while I shot him.

He was a little hard to shoot, as he kept darting off to
scare other butterflies away when they came too close.
After a stroll along the reservoir, I decided to come to the
same spot to check on him. There I met a man, from
the Butterflycircle. He was also shooting the red flash.
However, it was tattered. Bird attack? I don't know.
It is the same one, as he would not let any other male red
flash enter his area. I was lucky to see the fab upperside,
as red flashes only open their wings from 4: 20-6:00.
Both male & female have pale grey undersides.

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