Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mac. Nature trail

Went to MNT ( Macritchie nature trail )a few days ago.
Saw many butterflies, birds and dragonflies. The first three
quarters or so, there were no butterflies. Piles of rattan but no
butterflies. There were a few dragonflies however. This is
my favourite. It kept flicking itself into the air, making some
"clicking noises", then it would come back to the tree trunk.
There were a number of branded imperials along the trail,
many were too skittish to shoot. They flew around me,
not giving me a chance, but this one was rather co-operative.

I spent the next ten minutes trying to locate this common faun,
which landed somewhere in the undergrowth. It was after
much of being pricked by rattans and bitten by spiders, that
I got this shot.

A familiar bird was watching overhead, the greater racket
tailed drongo. It was probably looking for a c. faun to eat.
The last thing I saw was this strange insect hanging from a
fern. If you look carefully, the insect is dead and hollow,
with a hole on its back. Its death was probably due to
a parasitic wasp, which its grubs fed on the body and left
through the hole.

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  1. Hi BlueBottle, beautiful pictures! I've seen the female dragonfly you've seen here, the one you have shown here is a male. By the way, the last picture is not a living creature; you have been fooled. It is actually the shedded skin of a dragonfly nymph! the dragonfly had emerged from it and has flown away.