Monday, 8 February 2010

All about it - Common Mormon

This, is the first butterfly featured in 'all about it' and I had worked
to collect the photographs and info. This butterfly is the common
mormon. It is seen common in nature reserves, but can be spotted in
urban parks as often. The males fly much faster than females and are
more active. They may come down to rest with the wings spread out.

A male common mormon resting on its host plant, the Indian curry
Males are also fond of puddling on damp ground, and may be quite
tame to the observer. They may puddle for a second, or maybe for
an hour, based on the medium, and traffic.
The females, which seem to be less common than males, can be
observed when feeding on flowers. They mimic the distasteful
common rose, and like bougainvilleas...
And other flashy blooms...

Besides the curry plant, the mormon breeds on many citrus plants.
These are the lime, pomelo, and discarded 'kumquat' plants after the
Chinese New Year.
The common mormon is often attracted to Chinese violets growing
at forest fringes, however, they do not land to feed on the nectar.
Like other swallowtails, they only use their forewings when hovering
and flying.